Sea Change Expeditions

  • 4-6 visits to schools between May 12-21 from the sailboat Amicus II.
  • Or, for schools not on Lake Superior, a new option for you!  Day-long and overnight excursions on Amicus II with a supervisor-teacher and a crew of up to five students who have demonstrated a interest in climate.  These groups will come aboard for sailing lessons and climate-related projects including water sampling, temperature and clarity testing, letter-writing, guided discussions on climate and related topics, and goal-setting. A 36-hour intensive on Amicus II!

Would you like us to visit your school?

In six years, we have sailed to 25 schools and reached over 2000 students and teachers.  

The 2020 Sea Change season will include:

2018 school carbon-cutting project summaries

Sea Change Expeditions School events 2020

Sample school schedule

Additional information:

Sea Change Mission: to advance the discussion of climate change on Lake Superior and its coastal communities, to inspire people to take the next step for the planet, and to create climate heroes.

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