Additional Information for 2020:

Dates:  August 24-27. 

Cost: $450/person, or $800 for a couple or two friends willing to share a double bunk. Includes all permits, food, and other expenses.  Discounts available for those unable to get Continuing Ed. funding.

Place:  Trip begins and ends in the Knife River Marina, Knife River, Minnesota

Did you know that ¾ of parents and 86% of teachers believe that climate change should be taught in schools, but less than half of teachers do?

Sea Change Mission: to advance the discussion of climate change on Lake Superior and its coastal communities, to inspire people to take the next step for the planet, and to create climate heroes.

Sea Change Expeditions

Sea Change Expeditions Educator Workshop is one of the most meaningful professional development workshops I have attended.  Mark and Katya Gordon provide a venue for learning about climate change that is unmatched.  There’s no better way to teach, learn and develop lessons on climate change than sailing Lake Superior with fellow educators.  If you’re looking for more than just classroom time for professional development this is the meaningful way to go! 
--Bo DeRemee, high school science teacher of 33 years

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Everyone who completes this workshop is awarded a Certificate of Completion. Still interested in this workshop? Fill out the participation form and email it to us!

Educator workshop goals:
1. Collaborate with fellow teachers to develop individualized projects aimed at teaching and responding to climate change in the classroom and in the school culture.

2. Study and witness the effects of climate change observed on the Lake Superior watershed and the boreal coastline.  Learn Great Lakes ecology doing citizen science; plankton tows, bottom sampling, water chemistry and more
3. Collaborate with fellow teachers on learning possibilities within the challenges of your educational environment.
4. Set goals individually through a collaborative, supportive group process
5. Have fun learning to sail, the original wind-powered vehicle.
6. Inspire your students by bringing your Lake Superior sailing experience to your classroom
7. Provide 30 contact hours of Continuing Education.

With one formal Educator workshop under our belt, we are excited to invite you to join us in August 2020.  This on-the-water 3-day Educator workshop educates, inspires, supports, and empowers teachers in their individual paths with their students, their school administrators, their curriculum, and their goals. 

Katya and Mark, Sailing Captains and workshop facilitators, bring decades of experience working with youth outdoors, ten years of charter sailing experience, six years of leading Sea Change trips with young adults and youth, and their own experience as parents, group facilitators, citizen science monitors, and climate activists to this workshop.