“I know now that I can pursue my dreams and still have a family.”  --Brittany

"Thank you for helping me realize life skills that I didn't even know existed, many of which were mental and are ways of coping with life."--Will

"My eyes have been opened to following what you really want to do and all the different lifestyles that are reachable.  Thank you for this incredible experience!!"--Ally

"This past month held space for so much in all areas of life, not only was engaging with youth around the Lake, but the friendships that developed on the boat.  One thing that struck me most is just the sheer amount of love and laughter that filled our days.  This trip has been incredibly affirming and encouraging to me in my pursuits, I feel so supported moving forward."--Madi

"Seeing the hope and the determination in people's eyes, and the amount they care, makes me realize how important what we have been doing is....It has shifted something in me that I will carry with me into the future."  --Jesse

"With every presentation, my hope grew that communities just like ours on the boat, could come together to make a difference for this Lake!" --Naomi

Sea Change Expeditions

From young adults:

From teachers:

"You have charged my batteries for the coming school year.  The health of our Earth continues to be a part of my classroom as will this trip..."--Bo

"Just three days and I feel very connected to colleagues, and consider them friends and confidantes.  The opportunity to discuss climate reality in such a vital place--atop Lake Superior--it reaffirms my commitment to take action on and spread the word about EARTH."--Sarah Bi


"The Sea Change Teacher Trip was exactly what I needed to get inspired to start a new school year!  Thank you for sharing your passion for sailing and Lake Superior with us.  My expectations of the trip were exceeded in many ways."  --Beth

"This trip was a lucky surprise for me and I feel as though fortune has shined upon me.  Thank you for being the people you are and sharing that with us in such an intimate way. It was an amazing experience to be welcome and valued as an individual.  I hope to pass on all that I was given.  Thank you!"  --Gretchen

"I am leaving re-charged and more confident about living my misson."  --Sarah Ba

Sea Change Mission: to advance the discussion of climate change on Lake Superior and its coastal communities, to inspire people to take the next step for the planet, and to create climate heroes.

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From teens:

"I am really grateful that I, of all people, got to circumnavigate Isle Royale with your family and the other great people that went on this trip."--Jeanna

"I liked learning what it's like to sail on a bigger boat, I also had a lot of fun just living on the boat.  I love how it forces everyone to get to know each other and get along.  It's really cool that you guys will let a bunch of teenagers invade your boat and live with you for ten days.  Thank you for giving us this experience.  it really has made an effect on how I will talk about and prevent climate change." --Raif

"I feel like I have a climate change tool kit."--Aubrey

"My favorite parts of this trip were completing he dip-a-day challenge...."--Abby

"I'm pretty sure I laughed more om this trip than I've laughed in the past month.  I enjoyed every moment of this trip, from sailing at midnight to seeing the giant white marker on the top of the cliff and saying, "We should go there!"  I'm so glad I decided to take the leap and go....I'm very inspired to change things within the country and be an advocate for climate change."--Robin

"Thank you for the laughter, the long conversations, and for one of the most fun things I have ever done. I will never forget this trip."--Reid

"Climate change is a big deal but often we leave it to others todeal with.  This opportunty makes renewable energy and sustainable lives seem reachable and I am forever grateful." --CeCe