Sea Change Expeditions

Sea Change Mission: to advance the discussion of climate change on Lake Superior and its coastal communities, to inspire people to take the next step for the planet, and to create climate heroes.

Sailing clips on Amicus II

your virtual school Program can include:

  • Family Life aboard Amicus II
  • Virtual Lake Superior sailing in May
  • Climate changes, observed and researched
  • Microplastics and invasive species on the Lake
  • Climate solutions for kids, families, and schools

Sea Change events from 2014-19

Would you like us to "visit" your school?

In six years, we have sailed to 25 schools and reached over 2000 students and teachers.  In 2020, we are launching a virtual school program for students throughout North America.

In response to COVID-19, Sea Change is getting creative.  Our programs are tailored to your interests and the questions of students.  We include photo and video clips and live chats about our projects on Lake Superior--testing the water, trolling for microplastics, and searching for invasive species like zebra mussels and spiny water fleas.  Webinars are 30-40 minutes for K-5 students and can be up to 60 minutes for older students.

Every program will draw students into life aboard Amicus II, inside the cabin and out on deck, out on passage and nestled in an anchorage.  We have enjoyed engaging thousands of students in person and our virtual events are similarly interactive and fun.

We utilize Zoom to host live virtual classroom events and large-group assemblies.  If your students are learning from home they can participate using a computer, cell phone, or tablet connected to wifi.

Fill out an inquiry form to learn more or schedule a virtual visit for the 2020-21 school year!   

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