Sea Change Expeditions

Dates:  May 3-23

Cost:  Most participants pay $400-$1000.  This is still less than 50% of the actual cost of the trip.  Our goal is to ensure accessibility for all applicants, with grants and donations making up the difference.

Place:  Trip departs from and arrives back at the Knife River Marina in Knife River, Minnesota.

The most inspiring adventure of your life!

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Our sailing voyages are authentic learn-to-cruise adventures.  Crew, right along with Mark and Katya Gordon,  take part in all aspects of the sailing life.  As a crew member aboard Amicus II, you will cook and clean, stand watch day and night, trim sails, learn to navigate, and assemble and launch our dinghy.  In remote anchorages you will have opportunities to explore via kayak or trail.  At night, the cabin turns into a bunkhouse.  Always, you are part of a tightly knit group that is exploring the wildest lake on earth, learning how this lake is changing, and engaging with regular citizens about that change and what we need to do.  Prepare to learn, be challenged, and have an insane amount of fun.

Sea Change Mission: to advance the discussion of climate change on Lake Superior and its coastal communities, to inspire people to take the next step for the planet, and to create climate heroes.

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