Sea Change Expeditions

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Trips cost much more than the price of tuition.  Donate here to make a tax-exempt contribution to Sea Change Expeditions.   Thank you!

  • Climate Solutions

Engage students, teachers, and the public in climate solutions:  personal, community, and legislative.

  • Liveaboard sailing Experiences

Join 7 others on a 40-ft steel sailboat for the small-group experience of a lifetime.  

  • Citizen science

Study, collect, and record data to support research on the changing eco-systems of Lake Superior and its surrounding coasts. 

Sailing voyages with  purpose

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Greetings!  We are Mark and Katya Gordon.  We have committed our lives to safely connecting people to nature and stirring people to action around climate change. Our sailing voyages on Lake Superior offer the following to teachers, teens and young adults: